Founded in 1995 by Arkan Zeytinoglu, the practice of Arkan Zeytinoglu Architects works on the basis of sustainable architectural concepts, responsible design and construction that makes carefully considered and economical use of resources. Since being founded the practice has realized numerous projects – with a special focus on hotel building – in Austria and abroad. At the start of each new commission is holistic design. This means that we make a complete examination of the setting in which the building is to be erected in order to identify and understand the genius loci. Only in this way it is possible for us to develop lasting, forward-looking strategies that aim at timelessness. Thanks to the wide experience and various areas of specialization of our staff, many of whom have been with us for years, we are able to accompany projects from start to finish and can provide all the requisite services in the areas of architecture, interior design and hotel expertise, extending to general planning.

Arch. DI Arkan Zeytinoglu

Owner, manager

DI Ariana Grüll

Head of hotel development and hotel design

DI Alexander Jarau

Project management architect, project control

Brigitte Marschall

Financial management, office and IT management

DI Slaven Beric

Project management architect, development and design

Mag.arch. Adrian-Martin Bucher, SIA

Design and concept work, urban design and housing

DI Regina Kiem

Project management architect, detail design

Ing. Klaus Walder

Project management architect

Mag. art. Christa Panzenberger

Hotel development and hotel design, graphics

Ing. Arch. Jakub Bräuer

Building construction, development, technical support

MArch, MAS, MPhys Pedro Pignatelli

Development, design and conception, 3D modelling

DI Lucia Kainzbauer

Interior design and graphics

Ing. Thomas Kuscher

Building construction, detail design

Hemma Kainzbauer

Office management, press, web site

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