To identify Arkan Zeytinoglu’s architectural position in the concert of contemporary architecture one must respect his autonomous artistic position. He has no ambition to take part in the global game of consumerist architecture based on spectacles, or to pursue the avarice for constantly new sensations that fail to consider the usability and usefulness of the projects. He wants to realize his conceptual and artistic vision of an architecture of moods and atmospheres in a fruitful dialogue with the client, in which the chemistry is harmonious. His concern is the “essence of what is useful.”

Dietmar Steiner in “Geometry of Light”, The Architecture of Arkan Zeytinoglu, 2011 (SpringerVerlag)

Arch. DI Arkan Zeytinoglu

Owner, manager

Arch. DI Ariana Grüll

Head of hotel development and hotel design

Brigitte Marschall

Financial management, office and IT management

DI Slaven Beric

Project management architect, development and design

Mag.arch. Adrian-Martin Bucher, SIA

Design and concept work, urban design and housing

Arch. DI Regina Kiem

Project management architect, detail design

Mag. art. Christa Panzenberger

Hotel development and hotel design, graphics

Ing. Arch. Jakub Bräuer

Building construction, development, technical support

Arch. Pedro Pignatelli, MArch, MAS, MPhys

Development, design and conception, 3D modelling

DI Lucia Kainzbauer

Interior design and graphics

Ing. Thomas Kuscher

Building construction, detail design

Jasmine Auernig, MSc

Interior Design

Oguzhan Zeytinoglu, MSc

3D Modelling and Visualization

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